Children with Autism, Developmental Delay and GI Problems UC Davis Health System UC Davis Health System·

Published on Nov 1, 2013 A new study by researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute has found that children with autism experience gastrointestinal (GI) upsets such as constipation, diarrhea and sensitivity to foods six-to-eight times more often than do children who are developing typically, and those symptoms are related to behavioral problems, including social withdrawal, irritability and repetitive behaviors (article also here)


Why you need the right sort of activity in manuka honey

Published on Feb 6, 2014 - Peter Molan gives an explanation and laboratory demonstration showing why the special non-peroxide antibacterial activity that is in only some of the manuka honey on sale is important.

Why you need the right sort of activity in Manuka Honey



GAPS Nutritional Program: How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism

This audio recording with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride gives a fantastic overview of the possible reasons for the dramatic increase in the rates of Autism and other behavioural and neurological problems in children.  Dr McBride became interested in these issues because her son is autistic.  She also has recommendations on diet and a unique programme (GAPS) for healing the gut.


Fermented Foods


Fermented foods are one of the best ways to re-introduce healthy bacteria to the gut. 


Fermented Foods